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See Monterey & California Seltzer Co.

This week the team from See Monterey dropped by California Seltzer Co. nestled at Lovers Point to capture footage for an exciting new promotional video. See Monterey has a rich legacy of supporting local businesses in and around Monterey by showcasing their offerings, locations, and the plethora of amenities they provide to both residents and visitors alike. It was an enriching experience for everyone involved, from the restaurant staff and owners to the crew at See Monterey.

Exploring the space in its entirety, the crew discovered the remarkable offerings that California Seltzer Co. has in store. With its recent launch just as the pandemic was winding down, the venue is now open for weddings, corporate events, intimate gatherings, and much more. What sets it apart is not only its unparalleled food selection but also its breathtaking views and bright, inviting ambiance.

We eagerly anticipate nurturing our ongoing partnership with See Monterey and other local establishments. For those curious about what the Monterey Peninsula has to offer, you can explore our offerings on our website at or visit See Monterey's website for more information. If you're interested in booking a corporate event with us, feel free to reach out via email at or through See Monterey's website at





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